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Tool Used to
Total setup Car setup + Fuel consumption + Tyre wear + Car wear + Strategy (Tool to detect the best strategy for race)
Car setup Recommend the best possible car setup (with an accuracy of 0.05 s) for practices, races and tests
Car setup change Recommend the best possible car setup (with an accuracy of 0.05 s) if weather was changed
Fuel consumption Recommend, how much fuel is needed for race
Tyre wear Tool to detect tyre wear
Car wear + Car wear plan Tool to detect car wear - you will never smoke
Strategy free Tool to detect the best strategy for race
Setup calculator Calculator to achieve best car setup if possible
Wing split Recommend the best settings front and rear wings
OA driver + Training Tool to detect OA + Training
Car cost + PHA Tool to determine the cost to repair the car
Drivers market Find the best driver
TD market Find the best Technical Director
Money Calculate your money
Points system Different points system (GPRO)
Sponsors My sponsor has asked me a question, how do I answer it?
Weather analysis Weather analysis of past races
Season calendar Season calendar
Money plan Plan your money
Driver energy Calculate driver energy usage
Other tools will gradually increase